About Us

LENDAL is a digital product & design consultancy.

Our work encompasses product strategy and product design, mobile application development, websites and digital experiences, graphics and identity, products and packaging.

Our philosophy is simple. We begin by understanding the user first, coupled with research and data, to start prototyping your products. We then align this with the vision you have for your brand and beyond. We view ourselves as an extension of the organizations we support. We work together as one team, so we all feel shared ownership and love for the work we do together.

James Lenhart

Head of strategy
Working with early-stage companies to lead product and business strategy with a strong focus on product design and monetization.

Skilled in Digital Strategy, Design Thinking, Product Design, Product Management, UX/UI, Revenue & Profit Growth, Go-to-market Strategy, Pricing Strategy, and Market Research and Growth Hacking.

Joel Dalmas

Head of Creative
Working with companies to design and develop digital products and experiences that solve real customer problems.

Brand, Product Design, Mobile Application Development, Lean UI/UX, Digital Strategy, Creative Strategy, Content Strategy